About myfavourite8

Creativity has always been in the family. Growing up, my father would draw and paint in his spare time and my mother used to do needle work, knitting and sewing. My gran would sit and teach me crochet and needle point.

My inspiration

My artwork is inspired by nature, interesting beads found in little curio shops, and various hobbies. Art surrounds us constantly and within todays society I think we sometimes lose focus and become absorbed in our jobs, our phones and whatever lies in the future. Art is what we see around us, what vibe we get when we see an interesting piece of jewellery, antique, magazine. Art is ageless


My designs are created on my computer, or by making one off pieces. I love finding different apps to use, and enjoy making my work bespoke for a personalized gift.


There has always been an interest in photography. There is a reason for that moment being captured, through a camera lens and on viewing the images I am taken back to when they were taken, how I was feeling at that time and what was achieved. To me, it is not simply a click of the camera, every image tells a story.

Please feel free to take a look around my work, thank you.