Bridal model

bridal model card

Bridal model

I’m really excited to tell you that I won an art competition with this design. The design had to be a head dress on the theme of weirdly different. So, I thought why not make a head dress for a bride. The brides dress is also stunningly unique, as a one off design, as I wanted it to fit the theme.

The head dress itself is made from thousands of Swarovski crystal beads sewn into her hair. I found the inspiration from seeing dance girls at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. They wear really extravagant head pieces which also need to be practical as they have to dance with them on. Swarovski now make tiny beads to sew with, and thought how cool would it be to use strands of hair as thread.

As you can see from my design it’s a real showcase, a one off original that the bride will never forget wearing and will definitely be the talk of the town.

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