License to design with Joypixels

the need for speed

License to design with Joypixels

It is always a pleasure to be asked to design for a company. The company, Joypixels, you might not have heard of. But say Emoji and straight away you would have come across them, either via Facebook, on your phone etc etc.

Joypixels have created about 50 emojis but where looking for new inspiration. They gave us the task of coming up with unique unusual designs using their emojis.

When you see all 50 together your designer head just explodes with arty thoughts. The winners of the designs would be given a license to merchandise their products through Redbubble. Brilliant incentive but hard finding a way to design with them in a new showcase, which hadn’t previously been done.

I came up with ‘The need for speed’ as a collective theme using their vehicles, quirky head and rainbow as a race track. I thought it captured the fun of an emoji and voila – after a few weeks wait I got the exciting news that they liked my design so much they would grant me a license.

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